TD OIL Heartransfer



TD Oil Heat Transfer is a high quality, thermally stable mineral oil developed  for use in both open and closed liquid-phase heat transfer systems.

Heat Transfer Oil is formulated with high-quality, hydroprocessed paraffinic base oils that have good thermal stability and low sludge-forming tendency. It is fortified with select additives that provide enhanced oxidation resistance for long service life, and detergency to help keep the system clean for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Some common heat transfer applications for Heat Transfer Oil include:

·        Direct and indirect-fired hot oil heaters for Heat Transfer Oil

·        Hot corrugation and gluing

·        Dehydration

·        Molding and extrusion equipment

·        Plastic and wax coating equipment

·        Organic synthesis hot oil systems


·        Excellent resistance to thermal breakdown at high temperatures

·        Excellent performance in both open and closed heat transfer systems

·        Long service life

·        Excellent deposit control

·        Odorless


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