Economical solution for welding industry


Prevent spatter and protect the machine, lengthen self-life and decrease dead time of the machine, protect welding joint.


In the current context of economy, everybody is trying to save money. In the difficult situation of economy, the companies are finding the ways to decrease the cost to minimum but this does not affect the products’ quality.

Welding and Welding Technology are bases for manufacture technique. If there are not materials being bonded strongly and consistently we can’t produce the diverisified products, from big structures such as medical, building, pipeline, roads…to small parts such as electronic equipments…

From the experiences, Thanh Duc Co.,Ltd has researched and developed further  solution of preventing Welding Spatter, initially Welding Anti Spatter Oil and the optimum achievement now is TD SpatterShield Device which is combined with the oil.

This is new solution for Welding Industry. TD SpatterShield help decrease dead time of the machine, no requirement for repair and lengthen the time  for maintenance, protect the machine always clean as original one, enable you to have more time for welding, hence to get more products and  decrease the costs.

TD Spattershield Device prevent spatter accumulated  to nozzles and contact tip, helping saving the time and costs. Lifetime of Nozzle and Contact tip  increase many times.

TD Spattershield Device help reducing defects on the welding joint, no blister on welding joint and especially no spatter adhesion, bringing you the nice looking and high quality products.

Installing TD Spattershield Device is rather easy. The device is small and compact but brings the very big advantages. This is optimum solutions of saving cost for Welding industy.



+ With TD Spattershield Device, you only need 100% CO2 , no mixing gas is required.

        + We tested and the results can prove that TD Spattershield Device helps saving a lot of the costs for Nozzle and Contact tip, saving the shutdown time for cleaning, lengthening time for maintenance. The machine are protected clean as original one. 

   When  TD Spattershield Device is used , nozzle and contact tip only have to be cleaned after welding continuous in one shift (8 working hours), few spatter adhered to nozzle and contact tip.

Meanwhile TD Spattershield Device is not used, the welding machine must be stopped to remove spatter adhered on Nozzle and Contact tip only after 5 minutes of continuous welding.   

+ TD Spattershield Device combined with TD Oil Welding Spray clean nozzle and improve welding joint. Prevent adhesion of 80% of welding spatter on the welding guns parts (nozzle, contact tip, contact tip holder, gasket), lengthen life of the parts 5-20 times (and possible more times), saving the cost of buying the parts.

No blister is found on the surface of welding products at welding joint and especially no spatter adhered to the surface, saving the cost for grinding workmanship, the products are nice and high quality.

- TD Spattershield Device is suitable for automatic and hand MIG MAG welding gun.

- TD Spattershield Device ensure lengthening lifetime of parts ( nozzle, contact tip, contact tip holder, gasket) because of optimum welding speed and adjustment, operation capacity of the parts increase 5-20 times and welding circles repeatedly on average.

- TD Spattershield Device is efficient in welding process at low, medium and high speed.

TD Spattershield Device is superior economical solution for Welding industry.

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